Music VIdeos / Martinique International Film Festival

Music VIdeos / Martinique International Film Festival

The Martinique International Film Festival is an online streaming film festival meant to showcase innovative world cinema from around the world by up-and-coming artists.

Music VIdeos / Martinique International Film Festival
  • Simulacra (United Kingdom) by Yining Dong

    Simulacra is a short-moving image work discussing the dynamic genesis of sense represented by an object of the tree. Following the movement, the tree’s partial becomes a unity, and the unity state is the best scenario of the simulacra. This video is without any narrative, and after the tree finis...

  • They are watching you (France) by Quentin Bernard

    Two women discover a mysterious workshop where a collection of stitched dolls are carefully placed on tables and shelves. The artist Odette Picaud installs them in her lair and undertakes a performance of sewing and patching with the singers of "Duo du Bas" as her material...
    Running Time: 00:05:00

  • Detergent Daze (Switzerland) by Lucas Ackermann

    Musing on laundry and living with multi-instrumentalist and producer “emanuel” whose sonic wonder worlds are testimonies to a place and a process. For this film, we visited “emanuel” at home. The music was created in response to the visual recordings and consists of sounds from the same locations...