Narrative Films - Sydney World Film Festival

Narrative Films - Sydney World Film Festival

Jim Jarmusch, Quentin Tarantino, John Cassavetes, Michel Gondry, Charlie Kaufman, Sofia Coppola are just a few names of established filmmakers who blew up on the indie scene. True artists who focus on the art of filmmaking rather than on the box office
The Sydney World Film Festival aims to introduce exactly these type of quality, non-mainstream films from global filmmakers as well as local talent.

Narrative Films - Sydney World Film Festival
  • Pillars of Salt (Singapore) by Hilman Haris Hor

    Synopsis: Having some time to himself at a secluded seashore, Luis re-lives moments from his day, struggling with the guilt of his affair with his married supervisor at work. Swirling thoughts repeat and memories fracture as he faces his unprocessed hurt from the breakdown of his parents’ marriag...

  • Amissa Anima (Australia) by Tatiana Doroshenko

    Synopsis: Four boys survive on the seedy night streets of St Kilda’s red-light district in Australia in the 1980’s. Based on true events. (Adult themes.) Running time: 00:15:00.

    Selections/awards: Catalina FF, HollyShorts, Sedicicorto IFF, Bucharest Film Awards, Athens International Digital FF,...

  • The Call (USA) by Ryan Jafri

    Synopsis: 1965. A small man in a big world works hard to close a deal, doing everything he can to please his boss. But the clock is ticking, and someone is out to get him. Running time: 00:13:36.

    Selections/awards: Oregon Short FF, Austin After Dark FF (Best Dark Drama), Ramsgate International ...

  • LCAW - Heart Of Glass (Germany) by Nathan Ceddia

    Synopsis: Music video for musician LCAW. Running time: 00:03:17.

  • Suburbia Blue (Australia) by Ben O'Sullivan

    Synopsis: An explicit video begins to disturb the mind of a teenager on his way home from school. Running time: 00:09:22.

  • No New Wave (Singapore) by Ziwei Yao

    In the metropolitan filled with expired dreams, Ginny tries to find her path via different ways of life, but none of them delivers her to a pier of desirable future. Gone are the days where being yourself is being special, she is nothing but a tiny grain engulfed by waves washing up the shore.

  • Holestepper (Peru) by Sergio Fernández Muñoz

    Angel (Oswaldo Salas), an enthusiastic high school teacher, discovers a website where his students make fun of him and his disability through some strange videos. Mixing the reality and the digital universe adolescent, Angel will be involved in a world hitherto unknown.