Boston Short Film Festival

Boston Short Film Festival

BSFF believes in short films! Recognizing the important role shorts have in cinema, storytelling, and culture, BSFF wants to help empower the next generation of artists. The Boston Short Film Festival is an annual event showcasing shorts films with an edge. The BSFF focuses on the unconventional, the unusual, the underground, the intuitive, the innovative, the minimalistic and the true artists of our time.

The festival discovers, supports and develops new talent in filmmaking, providing a platform for emerging and established filmmakers from around the world, and an unique focus on Boston based filmmakers. Connecting industry and audiences, the festival

celebrates the creativity, diversity and impact of short film. There will be unmissable evening screenings where audiences can watch the best new short films from upcoming talent, and opportunities to network with the industry. So whether you are a filmmaker looking to launch or develop your career, an industry professional wanting to stay ahead of the game or a film lover wanting to soak up the festival atmosphere by watching great films, come along and feast your eyes.

Boston Short Film Festival
  • Die Pretty (United States) by Sam Quinn

    Arin Jacobs battles heroin addiction and the curse of 33- the age her mother and grandmother both died.
    Running time: 00:29:55

  • The Discoverer of the Discoverers (Norway) by C. S. Nicholson

    A family in West Africa tells the story of how their ancestor discovered the European explorers — to a European film crew. We get to see how this encounter is still remembered ritually. But do all the claims about the historic event bear a closer look? And to which degree can we trust the filmmak...

  • Across the River (United States) by Xingyu Huo

    In a seemingly ordinary day, a Chinese immigrant mother encountered a stranger on her way while trying to find her friend.
    Running time: 00:23:50

  • Of the Heart (United States) by Alicia Soller

    Distressed by news of her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis, a Filipina American filmmaker reacquaints herself with her mother in a deeper dimension, unearthing her mom’s core beyond her prescribed roles while revealing the spiritual and ancestral threads that connect mother and daughter.
    Running ...

  • Kings of Taiwan (Taiwan) by Syrus Sadvandi

    No one should have to ask what a drag king is. In Taipei, a unique community of drag kings has emerged and has been growing since 2019. Liting ‘LT” Tan is a drag king from Singapore who came to Taiwan to be in an environment that has allowed them to live authentically. Over the past few years, th...

  • Butterscotch (United States) by Mayank Deogaonkar

    Butterscotch is a story about acceptance. Dr. Maya Sharma, a single mother and physician by profession, has her daughter, Dia Sharma’s, life planned out for her. Dia is supposed to go to medical school and become a doctor, like her mother. One day, Maya is surprised to see an acceptance letter fr...

  • Dust (United States) by Julia Rose Petrocelli

    Dust is a film that emulates celluloid film processes using only Scotch packing tape and found objects. It was collected over the course of a year, dairying the artist's life through its abjection.
    Running time: 00:09:36

  • The Car Is Outside (United States) by Joshua Kaufman

    Taking shelter in a parked car, two young women revisit a shared past that threatens to swallow their tiny sanctuary.
    Running time: 00:09:01

  • The Stone Putter (Sweden) by Nils Agdler

    The Stone Putter is a cinematic portrait of a serious and physically strong middle-aged woman, deeply focused on throwing stones in a desert-like landscape. How did she get here? What do the stones symbolize – as alien in the landscape as the woman herself in her black dress? Here you can sense a...

  • November (United States) by David Jonathan Orr

    Official music video for "November," from Lyndsay Stone's album A Couple Seeds!
    Running time: 00:03:40

  • The melody of ashes (Switzerland) by Jonathan Moratal

    Being haunted by the past can lead to an inferno.
    Running Time: 00:02:20

  • The Consequences of Feeling Deeply (US) by H. G. Weinmaster, T. Dom, C. Millet

    A dance film.
    Running time: 00:05:00