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Coming Soon to Whush
  • The Elevator (France) by Jiang Dong / Coming Soon

    A terminally ill father lived on the sixth floor with his son, who had two crippled legs. In order to let the son be able to go downstairs by himself after the father’s death, the father contacted other owners and tried to persuade them to install an elevator. But because of the one-vote veto sys...

  • Armored Saint - A band of brothers (UK) by Russell Cherrington / Coming Soon

    This is the Story of Armored Saint a band of brothers that created their own unique sound and image in the 1980's Los Angeles Rock and Metal Scene.

  • To America (USA) by Arya Jo Singh / Coming Soon

    In an effort to defend her “American-ness”, an Indian-American teenager writes a poem about her dual identity.

  • One Driver, One Mic (USA) by Krishnan Vasudevan / Coming Soon

    When Uber and Lyft decimated Austin’s taxi industry, a group of immigrant drivers decided to fight back by starting a driver-owned taxi cooperative. However, they must transform themselves from competitors vying for fares to equal citizens within a democracy. Just as the drivers start to gain tra...

  • For Vegas (USA) by Robin Greenspun / Coming Soon

    In 2015, Egyptian writer, Ahmed Naji, was accused of referencing "transient lust and fleeting pleasure" in his novel, USING LIFE. He was sentenced to two years in prison.

    After 10 months in prison, Naji’s sentence was suspended and he was temporarily released but remained under a travel ban unti...