Documentary Films - Sydney World Film Festival

Documentary Films - Sydney World Film Festival

Jim Jarmusch, Quentin Tarantino, John Cassavetes, Michel Gondry, Charlie Kaufman, Sofia Coppola are just a few names of established filmmakers who blew up on the indie scene. True artists who focus on the art of filmmaking rather than on the box office.

The Sydney World Film Festival aims to introduce exactly these type of quality, non-mainstream films from global filmmakers as well as local talent.

Documentary Films - Sydney World Film Festival
  • A Journey with a Hope (UK) by Amelie Truffert, Paul Drawbridge

    Synopsis: The story of Jackline Chepngeno, the 14 year old Kenyan girl who took her life following period shaming. Running time: 00:44:00.

  • The Extra's Journey (Taiwan) by Hsin-Yu Wu

    Would you still be willing to try if you have a dream that no one thinks you can achieve? This is a Taiwanese story of struggles among dreams, reality and families.
    Queenie is a girl who has left her hometown to work in the capital city of Taipei. She is an extra actor and works part-time nurse ...

  • Moscow State Circus (USA) by Joshua Van Horn

    Synopsis: A short profile on the bears of the Moscow State Circus based on a passage by John McPhee. Running time: 00:01:02.

    Selections/awards: Extremely Shorts FF, MicroMania FF, Big Teeth Small Shorts FF, Doc.London, and more.