Documentary Short Films / Permanent Collection

Documentary Short Films / Permanent Collection

Documentary Short Films / Permanent Collection
  • The Storyless Land (Iran) by Mitra Roohimanesh

    The storyless land is about a far, ancient deprived village with no facilities, even hygiene, electricity, clinic, school, bathroom and ...
    Where most of the people are blind, mental retarded or disable and Golmah, their omniscient, who is an old 98 years woman, involved with their birth, marria...

  • Nine Letters (USA) by Cristina Müller

    The sensation of living in New York, away from home, is shared by those who come to live in this great metropolis from elsewhere. In Nine Letters, this experience of ‘here and there’ is conveyed by letters, and by images of everyday urban life, evoking the dream state of the present imbued by th...

  • Looking For Arthur Ashe (2020/USA) by Kevin Powell

    “Looking for Arthur Ashe” is a short film about the incredible life of the tennis legend, civil rights hero, and humanitarian, narrated in rap form by J. Keys, and Mr. Ashe’s own words.