Documentary Short Films / Permanent Collection

Documentary Short Films / Permanent Collection

Documentary Short Films / Permanent Collection
  • The Hair On My Body (Australia) by Aleisha Vidya Winslow

    Synopsis: Bobzii, a non-binary Japanese-Australian, Naarm/Melbourne based artist, discusses their body hair, gender identity and sexuality and how societies stereotypical views on female and male bodies has influenced the creation of their art. Running time: 00:04:05.

  • Down to the Bottom ( USA) by Carina Miller

    An unflinching, 13-minute look at alcohol use disorder and it's impact. The short documentary pulls from conversations between a father and daughter recorded in 2022.

  • From Moerbeke With Love (Belgium) by Laura De Baudringhien

    Synopsis: Far away from home in a small Flemish village, Marta and her female colleagues are planting the seeds for the future of their (grand)children back home in Poland. Through her repetitive and physical work, Marta tries to stay connected and take care of her family. Stuck between east and ...

  • West (Belgium) by Nina Leeuwerck​

    Synopsis: Few people still live on the rural lands of the Westhoek in Ypres, Belgium. Many are farmers, but these people no longer really fit the definition of farmers. Their glory of their large farms has long since passed. The animals are sold or no longer used because they can no longer cope. ...

  • The Storyless Land (Iran) by Mitra Roohimanesh

    The storyless land is about a far, ancient deprived village with no facilities, even hygiene, electricity, clinic, school, bathroom and ...
    Where most of the people are blind, mental retarded or disable and Golmah, their omniscient, who is an old 98 years woman, involved with their birth, marria...

  • Nine Letters (USA) by Cristina Müller

    The sensation of living in New York, away from home, is shared by those who come to live in this great metropolis from elsewhere. In Nine Letters, this experience of ‘here and there’ is conveyed by letters, and by images of everyday urban life, evoking the dream state of the present imbued by th...

  • Looking For Arthur Ashe (2020/USA) by Kevin Powell

    “Looking for Arthur Ashe” is a short film about the incredible life of the tennis legend, civil rights hero, and humanitarian, narrated in rap form by J. Keys, and Mr. Ashe’s own words.