Experimental Films / Permanent Collection

Experimental Films / Permanent Collection

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Experimental Films / Permanent Collection
  • I Killed You a Dozen Times (Belgium) by Kris De Meester

    I killed you a dozen times, but you won’t go away. Maybe it’s because you’ve killed me first. Out in the cold, on a strange new globe.

    "I Killed You a Dozen Times" immerses viewers in a captivating exploration of the aftermath of a traumatic breakup. The protagonist, driven to erase the other...

  • Fragments (United Kingdom) by Mélodie Roulaud

    A portrait of trans non-binary artist Fleur Bloemsma, short film Fragments takes an introspective journey into their understanding and experience of their own body, and the meanders of their mind. Directed by French filmmaker and photographer Mélodie Roulaud, the film interrogates the language us...

  • Kissing Ralph (United States) by Daniel Lewinstein

    Kissing Ralph explores the anxiety of intimacy, from the point-of-view of an alien struggling to participate in human rituals of love, sex, and family life.
    Running time: 00:40:00

  • Generation (UK) by Riccardo Fusetti

    A brief journey through the human experience as seen by the eyes of an Artificial Intelligence.
    Running time: 00:02:13

  • The Path of a Memory (Belgium) by Katerina Indesteege

    Growling mountains, trees full of fruits, giggles, whispers and tears. The past is still present in the mind of the daydreamer. Documentary meets fiction when the filmmaker fantasizes about her mother's memories. How could her life have looked like in a country far from here, in times of a dictat...

  • Moteur Synchrone (Belgium) by Jamie Lee

    Imagine a world where the simplest of pleasures are not longer part of our freedom. From living to maintain the materials that mainstream culture has inflicted on our wants and needs, to the complete extinction of the human ability for critical thinking. Leading to the disconnection humans have w...

  • Legacy (USA) by Giovannie Espiritu

    Synopsis: A look at generational trauma and triumph through poetry and pictures. Running time: 00:01:00.

    Selections/awards: Outfest Fusion (Hyundai Evolve Innovation Award).

  • Ruined Arbor (Mohsen Namjoo) (Iran) by Kasra Yazdani, Golrokh Hemmati

    Synopsis: Music is based on an old Iranian poem about a carpet weaver girl weaving a carpet under a ruined roof. Images have been photographed from different carpets of Iranian ethnicities. Running time: 00:02:00.

    Selections/awards: Light Matter Experimental Film and Media Arts Fest, Internatio...

  • Andrò a ritroso della nostra corsa (2019/Italy) by Mattia Biondi

    “Andrò a ritroso della nostra corsa” is a backwards journey through the seasons and the units of the language. To change the prose of the world, its intact clock. There is always a place more thoroughly, lost images in minimum intervals.

  • Exhumation (2018/Canada) by Daniel MacIntyre

    By mixed-media artist Daniel MacIntyre comes a work of alchemical ingenuity —the peeling back of a shrouded image to reveal the spectres that lay beneath. Re-composing images that have been chemically treated to disintegrate (in the gleefully tactile tradition of Stan Brakhage), the filmmaker’s w...

  • The Fleeting Noise of Time (Ukraine) by Valerie Kain

    A short expirimental film about the fear of death.

  • Silent Frequencies (Netherlands) by Jikke Lesterhuis

    Silent Frequencies is an exploration of the interaction between man and nature. The short animation pays homage to moss, a beautiful natural phenomenon often thought of as a weed in Europe, but worshiped in Japan. This allows the mosses to roam freely, resulting in an enchanting green carpet that...

  • Amellus (UK) by Patrick Chadwick

    Shimmering pixels and white noise at the heart of what we call image. Forms emerge and shapes move away, gently and without hurry. A slow persistence takes us away from what we know and moves us slowly into non-existence and memory.

  • Do Not Open The Door (2022/Belgium) by Kris De Meester

    The outside world is a dangerous place.
    Do not open the door.
    Agoraphobia is a rare type of anxiety disorder. If you have it, your fears keep you from getting out into the world. Before COVID less than 1% of people in the U.S. have agoraphobia. Women are two to three times more likely to have it ...

  • Diploma '22 (2022/Romania) by Mîndru

    Experimental fashion film using a curated selection of Fashion graduates in Romanian Art School.

  • When We Were Strangers (2021/The Netherlands) by Ayla Spaans

    When We Were Strangers is ab experimental love story that features the slow decay of love. It’s about a couple who falls in love during a house party and set off on an adventure. Each room in the house represent a different phase of their relationship and the situation gets more and more confusing.

  • Atmospheric Marginalia (USA) by Adam E. Stone

    Equal parts poetic essay film and family folklore, Atmospheric Marginalia is an enchanting probe into a pair of star-crossed lovers and misfits, the continuing bonds theory of grief, and the existence of an afterlife. Steeped in the tradition of raw, no-budget guerrilla filmmaking, it was filmed ...