Experimental Films - Sydney World Film Festival

Experimental Films - Sydney World Film Festival

Jim Jarmusch, Quentin Tarantino, John Cassavetes, Michel Gondry, Charlie Kaufman, Sofia Coppola are just a few names of established filmmakers who blew up on the indie scene. True artists who focus on the art of filmmaking rather than on the box office.

The Sydney World Film Festival aims to introduce exactly these type of quality, non-mainstream films from global filmmakers as well as local talent.

Experimental Films - Sydney World Film Festival
  • Demon de Laplace (USA) by Yuan Lingxi

    Synopsis: One person discovered a roach. Running time: 00:06:12.

  • Keratin (UK) by Charles Jimenez, Scarlett Wang

    Synopsis: After a mating of elements, two bodies grieve over a lost third: a child separated from their womb. The three bodies regain connection in a wombic journey, bound by their keratin. This spiritually networks the three into an eternal fusion of a collective body Running time: 00:03:45.

  • Retardation (Sweden) by Nils Agdler

    RETARDATION is the second short film in the Male Nature Studies series. The first film, REBIRTH, was produced in 2018. In these films, Nils Agdler examines alternative approaches to what is popularly called ”toxic masculinity”. In today's society, it has a great impact as a negative male role mod...

  • Atmospheric Marginalia (USA) by Adam E. Stone

    Equal parts poetic essay film and family folklore, Atmospheric Marginalia is an enchanting probe into a pair of star-crossed lovers and misfits, the continuing bonds theory of grief, and the existence of an afterlife. Steeped in the tradition of raw, no-budget guerrilla filmmaking, it was filmed ...

  • Candle (UK) by Charles Jimenez

    Synopsis: Confined to an endlessly burning waiting room, a dying sedentary woman experiences herself blurring between existences as she decays. In her last remaining fragments she tries to make amends with her spirit before her last frame. Running time: 00:06:55.

  • A Fugue (UK) by Charles Jimenez

    Synopsis: In a melancholic half-alive dreamscape, a nameless and featureless sedentary body forgotten from time and space struggles to find the light to its path amongst an ever-expanding disorderly reverie. Running time: 00:11:00.

    Selections/awards: Philadelphia Youth FF (Winner Experimental),...