Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival

Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival

At its heart, art is about celebrating the unique voice and message that we each possess. Sometimes loud, often quiet, occasionally bold and brash, and perhaps even shy, that singular voice should speak to others and by doing so, help them to better see themselves.

This vision of film as a medium that inspires and challenges - and supporting the filmmakers who create these works - is the mission of the Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival. Founded in 2015 as an online film festival designed to support filmmakers regardless of their budgets, this prestigious festival celebrates the best of contemporary independent filmmaking. Its works bridge a wide variety of genres - short films, drama, experimental, comedy, horror, slow cinema, sci fi, fantasy, animation, documentary, and more.

Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival
  • The "Madman" and His Ruins (China) by Xiaolong Zhu

    A middle-aged man lives in ruins, and his home has been burned down twice. After suffering from a stroke, he even refused government relief, and his neighbors called him a madman and did not want to interact with him. He lives alone, cultivates alone, eats alone, walks around alone... everything ...

  • Red (China) by Yichi

    Zhuang, a young woman who longs to be a poet, is coerced by her auditor mother into a soul-sucking accountant job. She develops an odd vision of the color red after the death of her grandmother, the only person who believes in Zhuang’s poetic gifts. Drifting into a dream-like state, Zhuang writes...

  • Koi (United States) by Taige Shi

    A newly-divorced Chinese immigrant and his son move to the Great Lakes area. The father, Lee Huan, starts a fishing business that catches only Asian Carp in the local river. However, the son, Lee Long, can't fit into the new environment and doesn't understand his dad's motives. With help from Unc...

  • Higher Grounds (United States) by Joe Kramer

    On the fateful day intelligent life arrives to destroy Earth, one slacker alien gets sidetracked when he’s smitten with a bitter barista. Suddenly, our survival depends on whether this space-schmuck can get her number, before his plucky partner blows us sky high.
    Running time: 00:16:59

  • Motherland 母懷之地 (Canada) by Alger Ji-Liang, Joshua Lam

    A grieving boy moves across the liminal spaces of his memory to connect with someone he’s lost. Through this act, he must confront the tension and trauma within his body to find solace.
    Running time: 00:13:14

  • Unspooling Wind (United States) by Jessy Dong

    Unspooling Wind is a visually stunning and thought-provoking short film that invites viewers to join three ensembles - The Amiable, The Spiritual, and The Willful - on a journey of self-discovery. Through the guidance of The Medium and a ritualistic exploration of traditional Chinese kite flying ...

  • Omens (Belgium) by Maya Wuytack

    In a rough, deserted no man's land, seven bodies are washed ashore. The desolate landscape reveals glimpses of an unpredictable era. When they gain consciousness they find themselves between a visible and invisible world. The poetic journey unfolds between what seems to be a dream and their dream...

  • Sheep (United Kingdom) by Shan Shen

    Sheep is an experimental dance short film aimed at triggering in-depth reflection on the phenomenon of "verbal violence". It explores the impact of language on shaping us physically and mentally. The film presents "sheep" as the central subject of the video, conveying a profound message: in viole...

  • Day of the Dead (Belgium) by Kris Curtiz De Meester, Peter Bracke

    "Day of the Dead" is a short film that delves into the unique blend of life, death, and celebration during Mexico's Day of the Dead. The story unfolds against the backdrop of the mesmerizing migration of millions of Monarch butterflies to Mexico, believed to embody the souls of the departed. The...