Music VIdeos / Cannes International Film Week

Music VIdeos / Cannes International Film Week

The Cannes International Film Week is an online streaming film festival meant to showcase innovative world cinema from around the world by up-and-coming artists.

Music VIdeos / Cannes International Film Week
  • Shaka Shams - Balrog (Belgium) by Yoann Stehr, Alice Khol

    Shaka Shams, a young rapper both shy and charismatic, finds himself transformed into a retro-futuristic warrior and propelled into a mental universe where black and white rubs shoulders with the brightest colors. A labyrinthine and tortuous crossing between dream and reality.
    Running Time: 00:02:28

  • Simulacra (United Kingdom) by Yining Dong

    Simulacra is a short-moving image work discussing the dynamic genesis of sense represented by an object of the tree. Following the movement, the tree’s partial becomes a unity, and the unity state is the best scenario of the simulacra. This video is without any narrative, and after the tree finis...

  • They are watching you (France) by Quentin Bernard

    Two women discover a mysterious workshop where a collection of stitched dolls are carefully placed on tables and shelves. The artist Odette Picaud installs them in her lair and undertakes a performance of sewing and patching with the singers of "Duo du Bas" as her material...
    Running Time: 00:05:00

  • Detergent Daze (Switzerland) by Lucas Ackermann

    Musing on laundry and living with multi-instrumentalist and producer “emanuel” whose sonic wonder worlds are testimonies to a place and a process. For this film, we visited “emanuel” at home. The music was created in response to the visual recordings and consists of sounds from the same locations...

  • 5 Iron (United States) by Dane Cree, Dan Hoffstrom

    A sick and a hurt clown fight for their sanity when met by their demonic counterparts. Reflecting back the state of humanity. The physical and mental pain. The Illness and injury in our world.
    Running Time: 00:03:39