Narrative Feature Films / Cannes International Film Week

Narrative Feature Films / Cannes International Film Week

The Cannes International Film Week is an online streaming film festival meant to showcase innovative world cinema from around the world by up-and-coming artists.

Narrative Feature Films / Cannes International Film Week
  • Sleeping Close (Italy) by Giulio Pereno

    In human adversities, there are 'topoi' that recur like variations of the same melody. Growth, pain, sacrifice, choices and, above all, love, are present in everyone's existence in a thousand forms, similar and yet unique. With the fragments of many lives, it would be possible to compose a single...

  • Silent Victims (Iran) by Amirhosein Saghafi

    An episodic film about 3 women suffer from the patriarch society.
    Running Time: 01:12:00

  • Kat Combination (United States) by Dan Simolke

    The second in an ongoing trilogy, Kat Combination re-enters the same New York parallel reality as its predecessor, Plastic French. Kat returns to train with Bob Rag in order to acquire an ancient box that leads to an inevitable, future reality. Upon retrieving it, other perspectives start to take...

  • An extremely moral Murder (Iran) by Mehdi Koushki

    Two political writers compete against each other. Fazel writes political columns in a newspaper and Shahin is a novelist who is not allowed to write anymore and all of his novels have been confiscated.
    Running Time: 01:17:56

  • The First Two (Hungary) by Balázs Szövényi-Lux

    After an unsuccessful marriage attempt Sasha needs to leave Budapest and her Hungarian boyfriend to continue her studies in the USA. As the day progresses, their special bond makes separating in the morning a difficult choice.
    Running time: 01:23:06