Narrative Short Films / Cannes International Film Week

Narrative Short Films / Cannes International Film Week

The Cannes International Film Week is an online streaming film festival meant to showcase innovative world cinema from around the world by up-and-coming artists.

Narrative Short Films / Cannes International Film Week
  • Sèt Lam (France) by Vincent Fontano

    In an insular city’s ghetto, in the midst of a trance ritual, a young girl is paralysed by fear. She is afraid her loved ones may be hurt or even disappear. It is then that her grandmother tells her the strange tale of Edwardo, the first one of his kin to have seen and fought death. The child is ...

  • Disused (Sweden) by Susanne Walström, Ester Holmén

    A young woman suffers a sudden loss. Isolated from the outside world in a barren desert landscape, she processes her experience to understand and accept her feelings.
    Running Time: 00:09:08

  • Text me when you get home xx (Germany) by Niklas Bauer

    At night, a woman enters a stranger’s car, casually and voluntarily. But soon she begins to sense the dangerous situation she might be in.
    Running Time: 00:10:00

  • A Broken Fan (Lebanon) by Assaad Khoueiry

    Adel, a desperate jobless father gets out on the streets of Beirut hoping for a change.
    Running Time: 00:12:33

  • The source of a river, a night stream (Spain) by Javier Calvo de Cabrera

    A woman slowly fades into darkness waiting for her son to appear one last time. Resisting their inevitable separation, they will both remain tenuously united through a fragile but persistent daydream.
    Running Time: 00:27:30

  • Diversion (Politics of) (Belgium) by Simon Heymans

    On the trail of a serial killer, a police investigator with formidable instincts is close to the goal when his superior interferes in his case.
    Running Time: 00:17:00

  • Traveller (United Kingdom) by Caitlin Innes Edwards

    A woman travelling across terrain finds hope and connection with an abandoned horse.

  • Spring Starts Today (China) by Siyuan Liu

    A young woman, Y, who is isolated in a new city, tries to make connections with different people and objects to fill the void of her heart.
    Running Time: 00:34:17

  • The Last Day (Netherlands) by Sander Blom

    The Last Day is about Ton, a lonely man who moved into a bird spotting hut when his wife died. Here, he spent many hours with his wife. Ton tries to gather courage to end his own life, but he simply can’t do it. Luckily he gets help from a boy. A mysterious friendship grows between the two, while...

  • New York Is Expensive, Melinda Is Cheap (United States) by Josh Cohen

    In a single day, scrappy twenty-something Melinda shows us all New York City offers the young and broke.
    Running Time: 00:03:49

  • Story of a Lunch Break (Italy) by Marco Del Mastro

    Story of a lunch break (Italy) by Marco Del Mastro
    A worker is waiting for an important phone call during his lunch break.
    Running Time: 00:05:37

  • Silent Trilogy (Peru) by Daniel Rodriguez-Risco

    Silent films are back.
    In the words of film critic Sebastián Pimentel, Silent Trilogy “conveys a simple but very powerful idea: the idea that from the love of silent cinema one can discover the secret quintessence of moving images.
    A current of thought unites the three episodes in a coherent way,...

  • I'm Here (Bulgaria) by Vilma Kartalska

    Zoya returns from shopping to her grandmother's house. There she comes across one of the most natural and sure parts of life, which, however, always catches us unprepared. How will she react? A story about one of the thousands possible encounters with HER, the outcome of which is always unique. ...